Hernan Romero using microphone for Flamenco guitar

Romero tries Magnet Sandwiched Pickup (MSP) on Flamenco guitar.

Pickup manufacturer, 123sound.jp, shows a review for MSP pickup by Romero, a flamenco guitarist.

Review for MSP pickup on Flamenco guitar by Romero

- The video from Romero on October, 2019 -

Musician Biography



A virtuoso Guitarrist/composer and producer that takes you on journey of the senses. His sound is progressive and full of musical surprises.
2018 Brand new releases SWEET SUITE and COMO DOS HERMANOS
Romero's album PERSONAL is his most intimate studio recording, featuring his ability to play all instruments and vocals!
Romero's 2015 releases Strings and Air and the live recording CRUDO
A must have to experience the passion and the beauty of Romero's music!
Estela Raval, contributed to this by surrounding young Romero with the best of musical environments.
In 1986 Romero moved to New York. Romero was soon working with some of world's finest guitarists, including Al Di Meola, Paco De Lucia and John McLaughlin. In 1990, Romero produced and played on Di Meola Plays Piazzola, beginning a fertile association with Di Meola that resulted in eleven other albums, including Orange and Blue 1994), and The Infinite Desire (Telarc, 1998). Romero's own passionate music has been featured in a series of CD's beginning in the late 1990s. Zonda (Palmetto, 1999) by Conosur (the name Romero gave to the ensemble) features Romero's fiery guitar and sensual compositions flavored with Latin and flamenco strains. Romero then completed Romero-Live at Trinity Church at the landmark Trinity Church in New York City, which he recorded, mixed and repackaged on Sony music SACD. The event was captured in discrete mulitichannel sound, taking advantage of the exceptional acoustics at Trinity Church. This magical performance lingers on the musical palette and is not easily forgotten. Romero's compositions for Live at Trinity Church present intense and evocative music complimented by a lyrical style which is sure to influence aspiring guitarists for generations to come. The impassioned strains of Romero's virtuosity, both as a guitarist and composer, offer listeners a vibrant and exhilarating sound.
Romero's Un Segundo Una Vida brought his flamenco and Latin-based jazz to new realms with the addition of more complex orchestration and additional instrumentation; including the melodic strings of a chamber orchestra, and a wide array of penetrating vocals. Romero's CD, Duende, hit number 6 on the Billboard charts (World Music).
While Romero continues to captivate audiences around the world!! Romero"s composing and performing skills as a collaborator remain in high demand. His album 3 Caras de una Moneda is a must have!!! Nominated to 2 grammys! The production features Grammy awarded Estela Raval (hernan's mother), AL DI MEOLA on the composition GUITANGO, JERRY MAROTTA from Peter Gabriel's band and many more .....

- from Romero web site (https://www.hernanromeromusic.com/biography) on November, 2019 -



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Examples of using MSP pickup

Magnet Sandwiched Pickup (MSP)

magnetic microphone to install with Neodymium magnets

Pickup made with Neodymium magnets and piezoelectric element. The MSP positioning is patented and state-of-the-art. A positioning magnet and an additional magnet in the MSP device hold MSP's piezoelectric element in place.

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No damage. No tools.

Installation is simple. Because MSP is kept in place by magnets, musical instruments are not damaged or dirtied due to adhesives. The MSP is placed outside of musical instruments, so it can be installed without any through hole.

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Grab your sweet spot.

The sound emitted from the contact pickups depends on the attachment position. Easily mount or remove MSP on the fly, so the free movement of the positioning location allows the player to control sound output based on their preference.

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Natural tone

Neodymium magnets, one within the MSP and an additional Positioning Magnet, push the piezoelectric element toward the soundboard. This provides louder and higher quality sound without the use of a pre-amp.

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